Jenny Brian ASU

Dangerous Arizona State University Professor


There has been a long running critique of the University system in the United States claiming that both studies and advocacy have become absurdly capricious and overly leftist. Some of those criticisms are a bit far-fetched, but in the case of Jenny Brian, professor at Arizona State University, those statements are well founded. Jenny Brian represents the worst that our universities have to offer with her teaching and research leading students to wild misrepresentations of American society. She proudly uses her position to condemn students, professors, and conservatives that provide contrarian views from her. She has often been reprimanded by ASU administration for her representations on social media as she has launched wildly unhinged arguments and statements putting the university in challenging positions to defend both her and her views. Professor Brian is extremely dangerous to our students and to the university as both many students and families of students find her wildly leftist and communist teaching in wide disparity from their values. In short, Professor Brian’s deranged teaching and statements are creating a divisive environment for learning and painting Arizona State University as a home to such corrosive ideology.
Professor Brian currently holds the position of honors faculty fellow where she teaches bioethics. Never heard of bioethics, don’t be alarmed, it’s something that academics made up that doesn’t really support anything. According to Professor Brian, her teaching and field of study is at the intersection of philosophy, art, natural and social sciences that inform meaning on human existence and purpose. This is exactly why you were you thinking of sending your child to Arizona State University, right? She might as well teach underwater basket weaving which might possibly add possibly more value to their Arizona State University degree than Professor Brian’s field of teaching. Dr. Brian’s classes like “Science, Social Justice, and Activism,” “Queer Bioethics,” and the “Politics of Cancer” will set your student up to be the most insufferable dinner guest upon graduation. As of 2021, the university made the questionable call to ascend Professor Brian to lead as many as 46 masters scholar-teachers across 5 different colleges at the school to which Brian affirms that she will mentor them in her deranged global philosophies and ideology.


Professor Brian’s most notable deeds while at Arizona State University was her organization of protests against notable right-wing speakers like Charlie Kirk and Dennis Prager. While those speaking engagements went on without hitch nor incident, the protests and faculty uproar toward these speakers are seen as largely responsible to the elimination of at least one fellow faculty member, Ann Atkinson, who was the executive director of the T.W. Lewis Center of Personal Development at the Honors College. The T.W. Lewis Center was created as a result of a donation pledge from luxury home builder, Tom Lewis, of well over $1MM. The donation would ensure a new building for the honors center, the Student Success Center, in exchange for programs that would help provide students the tools for success in life. As a condition of the donation, Mr. Lewis also asked that Atkinson serve as the executive director of the created program. Atkinson’s dismissal angered Lewis who is currently questioning his donation and has openly condemned the university for its hypocrisy on their stance toward free speech. Insiders within Barrett Honor’s College shared that the uber-liberal faculty of the honors college had seen Lewis’s donation and administrative appointment as being a threat to their ideological stranglehold on the school’s curriculums. Guised as desire to protect against “marginalized” students, Professor Brian and her associates rallied support with their indoctrinated students and fellow teachers to allege wild fantasies against Atkinson, Mr. Lewis, and the guest speakers that they would invite. This misinformation stoked scores of students and teachers to wildly protest these speaking engagements and harass University administration to disinvite these speakers. While in the moment the university did not acquiesce to these protests, Professor Brian and her merry band of protestors eventually did result in the University’s decision to move on from Atkinson.


Arizona State University prides itself as being a forum for free speech and free thought but the decision to stand behind Professor Brian and her ilk over Atkinson stripped the school of that notion. They clearly have decided that comfort for leftist and communist professors and students is much more important than rounded discussion that is far more relevant to students than queer bioethics. Professor Brian asserts that she, too, sees free speech as important but she makes that statement only to ensure that her speech is protected. She could care less about any other viewpoints that might exist. Dr. Brian also claims to welcome debate and contrarian thought but her assumptions lead her only to believe that guest speakers like Charlie Kirk and Dennis Prager only visit to malign vulnerable and marginalized students and their appearances only bring violent rhetoric rather than what it is which is merely an offering of an opposing viewpoint to what is being held as the majority at the Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University.
Arizona State stands at a crossroads. Do they continue to stand with Professor Brian and her niche studies and continue to assemble their curriculum, student codes of ethics, and faculty according to her standards and approval or will they decide to provide real value to their students and society as a whole by supporting free speech and open debate? It is extremely dangerous to side with one ideology over the other especially in an academic environment. Students should have the opportunity to hear and be exposed to all schools of thought within the University environment. Professor Brian would rather that our students be indoctrinated automatons that exist solely to virtue signal and protest anything that they might deem unfair. Students and families make significant sacrifices to use the university system as a springboard to success in life. Currently, the Barrett Honors College seems to be more focused on babying students and shielding them from “dangerous” speech or ideologies. But this will only shelter these students from the real world where thought and speech are much more nuanced and may be more representative of life experience than oppressive curriculums and contained speech environments. Professor Brian represents the worst in our academic communities. They want to be the loudest speakers and the lone voices that are heard. Her desire to keep her college as a bastion of left-wing thought does not serve the university or this state well and end up handicapping students for life rather than preparing them for life and success outside of school.



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